Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Accused: Menage a Quad

"Oh my god, he's gonna fuck her!  He's gonna fuck her RIGHT HERE!"
This is a movie about having sex in public.  Based on a true story, but we all know that "based on a true story" really means - National Enquirer tabloid lies bullshit.  But on with the movie.  Jodie Foster plays this coke-snorting trailer tramp who walks into a New Jersey bar looking for a cheap one-night stand.  She looks damn sexy and trashy waltzing around in her low cut skirt and intentionally letting her shirt slide off her shoulders so the guys in the bar can get a good look at her skin - just the type of slut that every guy dreams about picking up in a bar for a cheap fuck'n'forget.  A couple of college boys are having drinks and catch Jodie's eye.  She lets it slip so that they intentionally overhear about how she wants to "fuck his brains out" (the college boy).  College boy naturally gets excited as a Mexican jumping bean, but he's too inexperienced with picking up loose chicks in bars and one of the tough guy locals swoops down on the prey and next thing you know Tough Grunt and Jodie are in the backroom smoking pot and dancing the dirty lambada.
Things are getting really steamy with the close dancing, bodies rubbing against each other sweatily, and then for some reason Jodie mumbles something about having to go home.  Now here is where Tough Grunt goes wrong.  He's not too bright as you can see just by looking at him.  If he were smart he would have offered to escort her back to her car, and then found a remote quiet place where no one could see and they would have made love like animals.  I'm pretty sure that's what Jodie wanted, judging from her actions - she's pretty hot to trot and possibly meant "go home" as an invitation to her trailer for sex.  But Tough Grunt is dumb and impatient.  Showing no impulse control, he swoops her up in his taut giant muscled arms, getting a firm grasp on her smooth warm ass under her panties and sets her down on the pinball machine.  Jodie asks for him to stop because on top of a pinball machine is too hard for a comfortable place to fuck.  A soft bed would be much better.  Besides, there other people watching!
None of that stops Tough Grunt.  He pins her down with his strong body and rips her panties apart with one swipe of his massive paw.  Unzipping his jeans, with the other hand he covers her mouth to halt her wailing.  This is an uncomfortable position for him so he barks, "Hrrraarrrkkk, hrrraarrkkk!!" at his retarded friend to come to his aid.  I'm not sure if that's English or what language, it sounds like some sort of subhuman primeval command from the animal consciousness, but his retarded friend understands exactly what help is needed - Tough Grunt and Retard seem to communicate in grunts and monosyllables for the most part.  Anyway it's not clear how Jodie feels, it looks like she's deeply embarrassed getting fucked in public, that's the problem, that's it's in public, not the getting fucked (which she asked for and invited).
As Tough Grunt pumps his lovin' away, a big crowd gathers.  Led by a wicked cool lookin' dude with tattoos who looks like the spittin' image of the New Jersey Italian-American mafioso blue collar redneck stereotype, a role he plays to the hilt, the crowd hoots and hollers and shouts encouragement.  How often do you get to see live fucking in the bar on Saturday night?  Great entertainment!  They sing songs, pulling out the old Queen chestnut, "We will, we will RAPE you!"  "1, 2, 3, 4, pump that pussy till it's sore!"  Just normal guys having a good old time.
After Tough Grunt finishes his deed, his sweetly blown load symbolically reenacted by a beer bottle crashing on the floor (what powerful symbolism), it's College Boy's turn.  Note how Jodie's body untenses dramatically when College Boy gets on top of her.  This was the man she'd really  been wanting to fuck all along, and so she stops screaming her annoying "No! Stop!" and stops resisting period.  She wants this man's dick inside her.
But College Boy doesn't get to finish the job.  Retard complains about how they should stop because they're hurting her.  Spider Tattoo laughs and shouts, "Whut are you, a homo-shex-yu-al?"  His manhood insulted, Retard jumps up, shoves College Boy out of the way and sets to her himself!  Jodie screams with a bloodcurdling shriek, "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"  She doesn't want this man'sdick inside her!  No woman wants to be inseminated by a retarded man!  For the first time she begins actually putting up more than token resistance.  She wanted to have sex with Tough Grunt because he had big muscles and was strong, but just not in public on a pinball machine.  She really wanted to have sex with College Boy because he was wicked cute, such a young stud!  She does not want under any circumstances to have sex with Retard, no fucking way!  Retard grinds away, his crude clumsy paw over her mouth.  She finds a way to slip his thick hairy Cro-Magnon thumb between her teeth and bites down hard.  Retard howls in pain and Jodie dashes off screaming naked into the night.  This shows how she could have stopped the sex any time she wanted to if she had really wanted, simply by making a small attack with her teeth or fingernails, if a little bite to the thumb is enough to make a man stop because of the pain.
After the night of debauchery the three men, Tough Grunt, College Boy, and Retard find themselves in jail on charges of public rape.  Now if Tough Grunt or College Boy had been smart and wily enough to get Jodie away and alone away from the eyes of the people in the bar, none of this would have happened.  The crime was sex in public, which embarrassed Jodie - she complains loudest to her attorney Kelly McGillis about having her panties in the air for everyone in the world to see, the humiliation of getting fucked by three men in quick succession in front of a huge crowd of people.
Jodie is angry and upset and wants the people in the crowd to suffer public embarrassment just as she suffered public embarrassment.  So she decides to try and "out" the bystanders in the bar who were just standing by having a good time drinking beer and watching the public entertainment, by filing suit against them - this is more to get the guys' names in public so as to embarrass them in front of their wives and families than any attempt at "justice" as watching people have sex is not a crime in this country if I am correct this is still America goddammit!  Spider Tattoo runs into her one day in the supermarket and tries to be friendly with her.  He thinks she's got a nice body and liked her sex moves that night he saw her writhing and grinding on the pinball machine, and so he mildly hits on her a little.  Jodie has turned into a complete psychobitch and this innocent little flirting drives her over the edge, she acts as if he's a rapist just for daring to talk to her, for daring to find her sexually attractive (typical psycho attitude you get from lots of bitches who glare at you like you're a sex predator just for saying hello).  She rams into his car in the parking lot in revenge for his unwanted conversation.  Inexplicably Kelly McGillis is around at the same time and she (violating her lawyer ethics) pretends to be just another bystander, and hoping to get Spider Tattoo to implicate himself under questioning (that tape recorder under the jacket recording the conversation) fake innocently asks, "Why did she ram her car into yours?"
Spider Tattoo rants, "That lady is a whore!  I seen her fuck three guys in one night in a bar!"
"I heard she was raped."
"Ahhh lady, she was lovin' it!" 

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